Technical Audit

Is your website experiencing performance, security, or SEO issues? Our agency offers a comprehensive website technical audit service, designed to identify and resolve issues that could harm your online presence.

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Our Methodology

  • Preliminary Analysis

    We begin with a preliminary analysis to understand your site's objectives, your main concerns, and your specific expectations. This stage includes discussions with your teams to gather information about the current performance of the site and any issues encountered.

  • Performance Check

    We utilize specialized tools to measure your site's performance, analyzing aspects such as page load times, image sizes, code rendering, and server resource usage. We identify elements slowing down your site and propose solutions to enhance its speed and responsiveness.

  • Security Evaluation

    We conduct a comprehensive assessment of your site's security. This includes checking SSL certificates, analyzing file permissions, searching for known vulnerabilities, and reviewing coding practices. We identify security weaknesses and recommend measures to strengthen your site's protection.

  • Technical SEO Audit

    We conduct a technical SEO audit to assess your site's ability to be well-indexed by search engines. We check meta tags, URL structure, duplicate content, image optimization, loading speed, and mobile optimization. We provide recommendations to enhance your visibility and ranking on search engines.

  • Compatibility and Accessibility Check

    We check your site's compatibility with various browsers and devices (computers, tablets, smartphones). We also conduct accessibility tests to ensure that your site is usable by people with disabilities. We propose adjustments to improve the user experience on all platforms.

  • Report Generation and Recommendations

    At the conclusion of our audit, we compile a detailed report encompassing all observations, identified issues, and their potential impact. The report also includes specific and prioritized recommendations to resolve the issues and optimize your site.

  • Action Plan and Support

    We present the report to you and discuss the recommendations together. We develop a personalized action plan to implement the necessary improvements. Our team accompanies you throughout the process to ensure that the changes made are effective and aligned with your goals.

  • Ongoing Monitoring and Optimization

    After implementing the recommendations, we continue to monitor your site's performance to ensure that the improvements have the desired effect. We conduct regular audits to identify new optimization opportunities and maintain your site in optimal condition.

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