Discover the multilingual and 100% customized eCommerce website developed for Twistiti.


Twistiti offers a line of simple and colorful products, allowing children to learn about the passage of time in a fun and educational way.

Twistiti has developed a unique approach designed for children who are not yet able to read the time.

  • The Challenge

    The initial request was for the development of a new eCommerce website for multiple countries.

  • The Goal

    Twistiti wanted to expand its international visibility while increasing sales through a new intuitive eCommerce website, combined with a solid digital strategy and targeted marketing actions.

  • The Process

    To meet these expectations, the following actions were taken:

    • Implementation of a WordPress – WooCommerce platform
    • Available in 8 languages, each covering a new territory.
    • FAQ
    • Creation of reassurance content pages
    • Tracking of orders and abandoned carts through tools like Klaviyo
    • Implementation of a third-party payment solution (Stripe)
    • Connection with Amazon APIs to ensure order tracking
    • Constant iterations with Twistiti’s media campaign partner to optimize all stages of the sales funnel In addition to developing the eCommerce platform, we also developed a mini-app with an interactive screen for parents and children to explore the concept in a more digital way (available on the App Store & Google Play).
  • Conclusion

    Thanks to the various stakeholders involved in the project, members of MTV Networks, Twistiti’s sales increased by 1500% compared to those generated by the old site. The new eCommerce website, combined with the digital strategy defined by MountainView and the online marketing campaigns deployed by ClickTrust, continues to experience growing success, directly measurable through the sales it generates.

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