Grottes de Han – Booking Platform

Custom platform for booking accommodations and related products within the Glamping site of the Grottes de Han

Grottes de Han – Booking Platform

The Domaine des Grottes de Han, located in the heart of Belgium, consists of an animal park and the Han Cave.

In addition to regular visits, the domain offers exclusive tours throughout the year and a range of unique accommodations.


  • The challenge

    Similar to the classic ticketing system developed earlier, the Domaine des Grottes de Han wanted to establish an online booking platform with online payment for its unique accommodations and exclusive tours. Existing solutions on the market did not meet the diversity and specific flexibility needs of the domain’s products and services. In this context, we assisted our client in drafting a specification sheet to define all the useful and necessary functionalities for the platform’s development. It was decided that the project would proceed in multiple phases:

    • Unique accommodations in phase 1 for the launch of the 2023 season
    • Exclusive tours in phase 2, directly related to the classic ticketing system
  • The Goal

    To offer visitors the opportunity to book their stays in unique accommodations online, along with all the necessary options for their stay.

    In parallel, to ensure the tracking of these reservations, develop a custom internal management tool for the Domaine’s teams, facilitating the tracking of each reservation and personalized welcome for vacationers.

  • The implemented solution

    Here is a non-exhaustive list of features integrated into the 100% custom booking platform:

    • Calendar management: creation of different date ranges for various stays, including management of various exceptions
    • Accommodation management: Ability to add multiple tents per reservation, tents with different capacities
    • Price management: Depending on the tent’s capacity, season, etc.
    • Management of additional products: Associate additional products such as snack boards, BBQ packs, bottles of bubbles, etc.
    • Management of dietary requirements: Allergies, intolerances, etc.
    • Promo code management
    • Online payment module
    • Reservation management and customized report extraction for different departments ensuring stay tracking (accounting, logistics, catering, etc.)
    • Admin user roles management
    • Language management: FR – NL – EN – DE
    • Upselling campaign management post-reservation
  • Conclusion

    The implemented platform now allows for simplified and automated management of the entire reservation and tracking process, both for visitors and the departments involved within the Domaine.

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