Federate Agency

Discover their new scalable and modular showcase website!

Federate Agency

Federate is a creative agency based in Brussels.

Since 2013, they have been supporting their clients through their 3 areas of expertise: Strategy, Creativity, and Media.

  • The Challenge

    Federate wanted to develop a new website based on their graphic charter and web designs provided by them. They wanted a lively and dynamic website with visual/media elements and maximum flexibility to arrange pages and create new ones according to their needs and desires.

  • The Objective

    Their goal? To refresh their website to showcase their areas of expertise and achievements.

  • The Process

    Here’s what we implemented to meet Federate’s expectations and needs:

    • Fully modular static pages: predefined blocks to be placed wherever they want on the page
    • Background videos via the Vimeo API
    • Autoplay pop-up videos
    • Achievements with a completely modular structure: 1/2/3 column(s), gifs, videos, text, etc.
    • Contact form
    • SEO module
    • GDPR compliance
  • Conclusion

    In accordance with their request, we delivered to Federate a website applying their new graphic charter, dynamic, scalable, and highly modular. A beautiful showcase to display their achievements!

    A long-term collaboration with our client that we are proud to see evolve over the years.

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