Grotte de Han – Ticketing System

Development of an online ticketing system for access tickets and activities at the Domaine des Grottes de Han.

Grotte de Han – Ticketing System

The Domaine des Grottes de Han consists of an animal park and caves located in the heart of Belgium.

It features one of Europe’s most beautiful caves and a 250-hectare animal park, nestled in the Famenne-Ardenne region.

  • The Challenge

    The Grottes de Han wanted to revamp their old ticketing system to better accommodate the evolution of their products (subscriptions, combined tickets, etc.). Amidst the pandemic, it was also an opportunity to implement quota systems, occupancy limits, etc.

  • The Goal

    They needed a comprehensive tool to manage the numerous products specific to the Domaine, which ticketing actors generally cannot replicate identically. Additionally, it had to provide visitors with an intuitive and quick solution for making reservations.

  • The Process

    The entire ticketing system was developed from scratch, based on the APIs of the Domaine’s partner for reservation tracking:

    • Management of days, ticket numbers, and baskets
    • Management of promotional codes
    • Management of reservations based on unique codes
    • Management of reservations based on previously purchased subscriptions
    • Management of special visits to the domain, based on occupancy, dates, and times
    • Cart management and available time
    • Available in 4 languages
  • Conclusion

    Implementation of the ticketing system significantly increased online sales for the Domaine, freeing up staff at the Domaine’s ticket counters. It also improved visit planning, traffic forecasts within the Domaine, and the ability to manage constraints during the COVID pandemic to optimize access to the Domaine.

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