ArcelorMittal Construction

ArcelorMittal Construction is an international company specializing in building materials.

They offer innovative solutions through high-performance, durable and attractive materials.

ArcelorMittal Construction - MV Studio

Discover the 100% custom, multi-country and multilingual website developed for ArcelorMittal.

ArcelorMittal Construction - MV Studio

The challenge

ArcelorMittal's request was to develop a new multi-page and multilingual website allowing them to present their product catalog and their projects. Around these products and projects should be displayed content pages about the company and its services.

The goal

By displaying what they do and who they are, their goal is to generate efficient contact leads from country to country.

ArcelorMittal Construction - MV Studio

The process

Based on their internal tool which has all the information about their products and projects, we build an API connection to get all the information and display it on the website.

Several features have been added over the requests:
- independent management of the CMS from country to country
- develop fixed content pages into editable content pages
- SEO improvements
- form with filters to direct to the right contact points
- Rollout of new countries
- restructuration of the content
- ...

ArcelorMittal Construction - MV Studio


ArcelorMittal Construction's website continues to evolve based on the company needs and requests. We are proud to have this trusting and long-lasting relationship with our client.

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