Federate Agency

Federate is a creative agency based in Brussels.

Since 2013 they have been supporting their clients through their three areas of expertise: strategy, creativity and media.

Federate Agency - MV Studio

Discover now their new scalable and modular showcase website!

Federate Agency - MV Studio

The challenge

Federate wanted to develop a new website based on their graphic charter and web designs provided by them. They wanted to have a dynamic website with visuals/media sets and to have maximum flexibility to arrange the pages and create new pages according to their needs and desires.

The goal

Their goal? To update their website to showcase their areas of expertise and achievements.

Federate Agency - MV Studio

The process

Here is what we have done to meet Federate's expectations and needs:
- Static pages that can be fully modulated: predefined blocks that can be placed wherever they want in the page
- Background videos via the Vimeo API
- Pop-up videos launched in autoplay
- Achievements with here again a totally modular structure: 1/2/3 column(s), gifs, videos, text, ...
- Contact form
- SEO module
- RGPD compliance

Federate Agency - MV Studio


Conformément à leur demande, nous avons livré à Federate un site web appliquant leur nouvelle charte graphique, dynamique, évolutif et modulable à souhait. A great showcase for their achievements!

A long-term collaboration with our client that we are proud to see evolve over the years.

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They trust us

For the past years, we had the chance to work closely with a wide range of companies, from SMEs to multinational groups, to deliver high-end digital projects.