Containerization ? What are we talking about?


Written by Jean-Francois

06 May 2022

When it comes to hosting your project, having a reliable and durable solution is essential, both in terms of server hardware and configuration.

Containerization ? What are we talking about?

Based on this statement, and from the beginning of the implementation of our self-managed Amazon Web Services infrastructure, we decided to containerize all our projects.

But in practice, what are the concrete advantages of this solution for your site or application?

Project portability

In the context of your project's development process, this step is almost invisible, but it is nevertheless of crucial importance, both in terms of efficiency and security: your project, isolated in its container, has all the libraries necessary for its execution. During each deployment on a different environment (on the developer's computer, in a test environment or in production), it automatically contains the right information and therefore no longer depends on external factors that could hinder its proper functioning (PHP version differences, dependency version differences, etc.).

For some of our customers who choose to host their project on their dedicated infrastructure, and after a few configurations, this also allows all actors to be sure that the versions of the project that are deployed will be strictly identical.

Uninterrupted service

When updating your project, or deploying new features, a new version of the container is deployed on our servers. The old container is stopped once the new one is active. Thus, whether in a test environment or in production, your website is always available to your visitors, in a completely transparent way.

Versioning and Restart

Each time your project is updated, a new container is created, containing its new image. By keeping track of the history of these containers, we are able to go back when a temporary bug occurs.

In the same way, if a container should stop working for any reason, the platform will automatically restart it while our team finds the cause of its stop.


Your project may have periods that are busier than others, during which an influx of visitors may occur temporarily. For eCommerce, this includes periods such as Black Friday or, for events such as the Auto Show, the period before the doors open.

Thanks to containerization, our platform is able to dynamically adjust the needs of your project by automatically deploying new containers that will accommodate the extra traffic. Your project is cloned identically in as many containers as necessary. The operation is transparent for your visitor, who always has an optimal experience during his visit.

Optimized processes

With containerization, our developers can focus on what they do best. The platform automatically manages the process of deploying new containers to different environments.

Cost management

The hosting fees for your project are in line with the resources used, which we can clearly identify. This allows us to optimize these costs, which is generally not the case with more traditional hosting companies, which simply apply a common package to all their customers.

In short

Since 2016, we have put the hosting of our projects at the heart of our concerns, by internalizing this point in order not to depend on the support of structures sometimes not very responsive. But also in order to optimize our development process and the costs related to it. Today, this allows us a total independence and control of this variable, crucial for each project.

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