How to consistently improve your website (instead of rebuilding)

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Written by Elodie Restiau

14 Sep 2022

Technological advances, design trends and user experience are all factors that influence the life of a website.
Do we have to rebuild our website systematically? Not necessarily, there are several solutions to put in place to extend the longevity of your website.

How to consistently improve your website (instead of rebuilding)

Technical audit

Have a technical audit performed by your web partner to evaluate the overall technical performance of your site.
This way, technical and security flaws, CMS and plugin updates or SEO improvements can be highlighted.

Some technical improvements require little investment but can have a real impact on the overall performance and loading speed of your site.

Analysis of the structure, the content and your data

Make an analysis of the structure of the site and its contents. List what works and what doesn't work in terms of pages or functionalities, put on paper your new needs to integrate them in this new version of your website.

Analyze the behavior of your existing visitors, their path on the site and their profiles to verify that you are reaching your target or if actions are necessary to reach this target and convert them by meeting their needs.

If you have already set up tracking tools to analyze your actions, they will be of great help during this step.

Connection to your internal business tools

Take an inventory of your internal resources. What tools do you have and how can they be linked to better serve your global communication?

Ex: You have an internal product catalog with descriptions, images, specifications, etc. Through an API connection, it is possible to link this catalog to your website in order to retrieve all this information and make it appear on your site. This way, no need to add them by hand in your CMS.

Another example: The implementation of a reservation module on your site. Here too, through an API connection, it is possible to push all the information collected into an internal CRM tool in order to be able to process this data later.

To learn more about API connections and what MV Studio can do for you, please take a look at our services.

AB Testing

AB testing tools allow you to temporarily test one or more layout variations and small features to determine which version has the best return, before applying it permanently to your site.

This is a good alternative if you don't have a clear idea of the impact of a change on your conversions.

Ex: Your website has an information download form and you want to test a version with fewer fields to see if a shorter form would encourage more engagement.

GDPR Compliance

Even if the GDPR privacy regulation came into effect in 2018, your website may not be compliant with this regulation.

If this is the case, you need to learn about the different consent platforms that exist to choose the right one for your needs. This way, by showing your users that you respect their privacy, their trust in your website will only be strengthened.

Data monitoring

Here, we come back to the point on the analysis of your data discussed previously. If you do not yet have a tracking tool to monitor your site's data, you should plan to set one up.

It is important to be able to measure each action in order to check and adapt your content, structure and features of your site to meet the needs of your target and convert them.

Ex: Be able to measure the number of downloads of a brochure, the click on your phone number, the people who went to a certain percentage of your blog posts to find the content that really interests them, etc.

To conclude..

We have listed a few ways to improve your website in this article that will give you a solid foundation to rethink and improve your website without having to completely redesign it.

If you need personalized support for one or more of these steps, contact us!

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