Luminus EV

Luminus EV is a tool that gives a price offer on electric mobility through a steps form.

Luminus EV - MV Studio

Let's have a look on this lead qualification tool !

Luminus EV - MV Studio

The challenge

There is a general need for more information on electric mobility and these information seekers are mixed with hot leads who want to buy a charging unit.
The lead qualification tool wants to :
- Give personalised price information based upon the customers needs
- Filter out the valuable leads
- Collect and store all info in a database

The goal

Development of a tool to filter and channel these EV leads

Luminus EV - MV Studio

The process

We developed the tool as follows:
- Multiple steps with a question on each step
- Different results pages depending on the answers (DB matrix)
- Website available in 2 languages : FR-NL
- Information pushed in Salesforce

Luminus EV - MV Studio

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